Bodyweight Only Workouts - No Equipment Required

Workout 1.

 A1. Bodyweight Squats x 15-20 (2-second pause at the bottom) 

 A2. Push-Ups Or Kneeling Push Ups x 8-12 ( making sure to lock out the triceps on each rep and work as deep into the bottom of the movement as mobility allows) - 1-2 second pause at the bottom

 A3. Plank walkouts x 8-12

 A4. Lying Leg Raises x 10-15


X 3-5 rounds


 Workout 2.

 A1. Bulgarian Split Squats x 5-10 each leg (1-2 second pause at the bottom of each rep)

 A2. Single leg glute bridges x 8-12 each leg (2 second hold at the top of each rep)

 A3. Straight arm planks x max time

 A4. Skater Squat x 5-10 each leg (if you can’t do these, do reverse lunges for 10-20 reps each leg)

 A5. Table Top Inverted Rows x 8-12 (pause for a second at the top)


X 3- 5 rounds.


Workout 3


A1. 10 get ups

A2. 10 bicycle crunches (each side)

A3. 10 squats

A4. 10 push-ups or kneeling

A5. 10 reverse lunges (5 each leg)


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes 


NB: break up the sets if required. As long as the required reps are achieved before moving to the next station.

Workout 4

10 table top rows
10 squat
10 shoulder tap planks (each side)

9 table top rows
9 squat
9 shoulder tap planks (each side)

Keep going down to 1. Rest 2 minutes. Then work back up to 10.


Workout 5 - A Personal Favourite (I highly recommend doing this once a week)

Find a hill. Somewhere between 20-50m is perfect.

At the bottom of the hill, perform 5 push ups and 10 squats.

Then sprint up the hill as fast as you can.

Walk down slowly and rest as needed.

Repeat 5-15 times.

(Feel free to change the rep ranges to suit your ability)


Workout 6.

100 squats
100 push ups or kneeling
100 table top rows
100 lying leg raises

As fast as you can - with good form.


Workout 7. 

2 push ups or kneeling
20 squats
4 push ups or kneeling
18 squats
6 push ups or kneeling
16 squats

Keep going until the push ups get to 20 and the squats get to 2….

Then work back down….if you can.


Workout 8.

A1. Table Top Rows x 8-12 (hold at top for 1 second)

A2. Plank Walkouts With a Push Up (or kneeling ) x 8-10

A3. Single Leg Glute Bridge (hold at top for 2 seconds) x 8-12 each leg

A4. Bulgarian Split Squats x 8-12 each leg (2s hold at the bottom)

A5. Lying Leg Raises x 8-12

3-5 rounds


Workout Notes

All sets are done in either a superset or circuit fashion. 

For example: A1 to A5 = equals 1 round. 

So you perform each exercise one after another until you have completed all 5 exercises.

Or you’ll see something like: A1 to A2 = 1 round. Complete all round before moving on to B1 to B2.

If an exercise is too difficult for you, make it easier or lower the amounts of reps.

Whatever you do, don’t do anything that hurts or causes you pain.

Be smart!