About us.


Digital Football Academy - Anytime, anywhere.

We are decentralising access to academy level football training, making it available right from your pocket.

Improve your technique, tactical knowledge, fitness and mentality.

Our football training app is compiled of over 250 football drills for warmup, passing, dribble, panna, physical exercise, pace, coordination, juggling and shooting,

You can exercise on all 8 training categories with video tutorials explaining how you can improve your skills and practice like a football pro at home.

All exercises can be watched in single video tutorials which all together make up a complete training process with a given time for exercises and a number of repetitions.

Exercise regularly and dribble your difficulties with football training drills adapted to your skills.

Adapt your training plan to your position, experience, weight, and goals.

Regardless if you're just starting to learn how to play football or if you’re already a football academy player, the wide variety of skills and drills will help you progress further into your football career.

We have divided exercises according to kids' age groups so that anyone might improve fitness and maintain a high level of technical training on a football pitch.

Track your burned calories, distanced covered, and other stats while you improve your football skills.

Simply find your preferred football training session, workout or programme and add it to your chosen day. The tracker is designed to keep you accountable, track your progress and help you improve your football skills faster!

IUNCTURA  gives you real time feedback as you play and you will be able to get constructive tips & personalized training programs that will enhance your football performance.

By using an integrated and AI-driven technological enhancer, our eagle-eyed real-time measuring app can tell you exactly what you are doing right and where you are going wrong. 

The app works offline and you can train at any time and in any place.

Take part in challenges & tournaments; show off your football skills.

We also believe that football practice should also be fun! Practice your football drills and share with your friends so that you’ve got the motivation to keep you going!

Compare your training performance with the best IUNCTURA players. Your Scorecard will show your skills in different football categories and attributes.