The 5 more common startup errors


  1. Mistaking Desire for Compulsion”: You must have the obsession and compulsion, not just desire, to make become rich no matter what.


  2. Over-optimism Concerning Cash Flow”: You don’t need to be an accountant but keep an eye on the cash flow. Businesses fail from running out of cash because they grew too fast or did not manage expenses. Only pay yourself the bare minimum.


  3. Reinforcing Failure”: Failure is usually recognized too late. Face it head-on and learn.


  1. Thinking Small & Acting Big”: Always think big. Think big, but  act small to protect your wealth.


  1. Skimping on Talent”: You will very likely get rich if you simply choose the right talent to do the work for you. Remember: the Pharaoh got all the credit, but the pyramids were actually built by the hard-working and talented architects, engineers, craftsmen, and enslaved construction workers.

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