The 3 rules of deep practice

Rule 1: Chunk It Up

  • Absorb the entire thing – Even just watching an action can help you absorb the steps.

  • Break it into chunks – So you can choose random measures to practice, only later on linking them all together.

  • Slow it down – Focusing on precision and accuracy ensures that the circuits behind the talent are being fired correctly, so that the correct circuits are the ones being reinforced with myelin.

Rule 2: Repeat It

Repeating a skill fires the corresponding circuit and stimulates myelin production. First, find your “sweet spot”, the point slightly beyond your current skill level, and then tweak your performance until all mistakes are eliminated. Most experts practice at most 3-5 hours per day. The point is to practice 
well, not endlessly.

Rule 3: Learn to Feel It

The process is to pick a goal, reach for it, evaluate the gaps, and repeat. In other words, deep practice. The technique may initially irritate you, but over time myelin insulation will make it more enjoyable as it begins to feel natural and mistakes cease becoming frustrations.

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