Success in selling

If you have the mentality that success may or may not happen, it won’t. Success is not an option; it’s a must, a duty, an obligation, and a priority. Success comes because of your willingness to create it, own it, and take persistent actions to achieve it. Be absolutely, unequivocally, committed to your career, product, company, and clients. To be consistently successful:

  • Take full responsibility.

  • Make it your duty to make the sale.

  • Take massive action until the sale is made.

  • Accept no excuse; figure out a way to make it work.

  • Prepare yourself for inevitable obstacles.

Never justify failure. Lying to yourself about why you’re not successful, making excuses for yourself, or telling yourself that you never really wanted it anyway, will prevent success. Be brutally honest and identify what went wrong with a failure. Prepare for tomorrow.

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