Mapping out actions that archive goals

Countless people want to start their own brick-and-mortar stores, but are clueless about choosing the perfect part of town for it. To them, creating the plan becomes more important than creating the goal itself.

Step 1. What is your big goal? At a bare minimum, you must have an income goal and a defined way of achieving it. Make a list of everything you want, research every item on the list, and add up the estimated costs. Then, define what you will sell, how much to sell it for, and who your target market is.

Step 2: What are 5 smaller goals you must achieve to reach your big goal? Next, think of the 5 biggest factors that go into generating your income goal.

Step 3: Break down each of your 5 goals into even smaller tasks. To avoid a single lofty goal, define actions to take. The final goal is a result of many smaller actions amalgamating, a mile comprised of inches.

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