Learn to play the grey

There are no clear-cut, black & white boundaries for making ethical decisions.


While businesspeople should not purposefully act unethically, they must learn to bend the rules. Here are 4 ways to “play the grey”:


Dealing with the System: There are often legal ways around rigid government regulations. Think creatively, like analyzing the wording of laws.


Building an Image: Set the impression that your business is larger and more successful than it is. For example, when trying to make a deal, always make it seem as if you have other options available.


Closing the Deal: It is best to be overconfident when sealing the deal with a potential client. This may mean overstating your position and the power you have over the market.


Being Opportunistic: Profit from your creativity by always seeking the chance to get ahead of the competition. Find shortcuts that save you time, money, and valuable resources, thus enabling you to gain a competitive advantage.

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