Creativity 101


Everyone wants to be a creative genius and to create meaningful work.


Habit is the way.


What is creativity?


Act of making new connections between old ideas or recognizing relationships between concepts.”


Is not creating some something new from 0, but about what is already present and has not been done before in a certain way.


The creative process:


  1. Gather raw material. Learning. First, fundamentals related to your task. Second, new ideas through passion and curiosity.

  2. Work over the raw materials on your mind: Look at the facts from different angles and experiment various ideas together.

  3. Step away: Free your mind from the problem. Do something else that excites you.

  4. Let the idea return. At some point, after you stopped thinking about it, the idea will return with new insights.

  5. Shape and develop. Release it to the world and submit criticism. Adapt if needed


Naturally creative?


22% of the variance in creativity is due to the influence of genes”


Nearly every person is born with some level of creative skill and the majority of our creative thinking abilities are trainable.


How to be creative:


  1. Give yourself permission to create. You will create junk. Keep iterating.

  2. Schedule to create. Force yourself to create consistently, over and over, that’s how you become decent. Don’t leave it up to choice, take decision making, schedule your work.

  3. Finish something. Anything. Stop researching, studying, planning and just do the work. It doesn’t matter if its good or bad.

  4. Stop judging. Everyone struggles to create great art. It’s natural to feel disappointed that your creation isn’t as good as you hoped it would be, or that you are not improving. Don’t let judgement prevent delivery.

  5. Hold yourself accountable. Share your work. It will provide feedback, connections and inspiration.


Do the work → Finish something → Get feedback → Improve → Show up again → Repeat



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