Bad strategy

Bad Strategy typically confuses strategy with lists of goals.


Bad Strategy is no strategy; it's obscuring a lack of Good Strategy by confusing lofty ambitions with strategy.


It contains:


  • "Fluff": Buzzwords, catchy slogans, and "a flurry of fluff masking an absence of substance."

  • "Failure to Face the Challenge": Increasing market share, ignoring gross internal inefficiencies, and using silly fill-in-the-blank strategy templates avoiding the hard work of strategic thinking.

  • Mistaking Goals for Strategy": Drive, ambition, and visualization exercises are not strategy.

  • "Bad Strategic Objects": Having a mess of goals to achieve, or lofty ambiguous goals with “no clue as to how to get there."


Bad Strategy is not miscalculation but rather complacency; it's easier to avoid the hard work of digging into the facts.


Strategy requires tough choices – to direct resource to A removes resources from B.


Charisma may be an important trait for a leader, but is different from good strategy.

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